"Scroll Circle"

University of Delaware, Newark, DE 

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“Scroll Circle,” built in 2001, is located on the University of Delaware campus. Semi-circular bleacher and seat structures and a large water wall and pool each with integral gardens and lighting become a student gathering place in a busy campus thoroughfare. The central circle is 64 feet in diameter with forms inspired by motifs in Celtic illuminated manuscripts and by the work of Marion Kruger Coffin, landscape designer of the University of Delaware campus. The artist said that “In the spirit of her generous and accommodating design, I was able to develop a space compatible with contemporary student life.” In a catalog of Alice Adams public projects, the architect Susan Snyder wrote, “The later work of “The Roundabout” and “Scroll Circle” seems to sheath the construction and become more expressive of form and shape. It seems that the more her work is embedded in the architectural process, the more sculptural the forms have become.”

University of Delaware, Newark, DE  2000

diameter 64'  cast-in-place and precast concrete, granite, bluestone, brick, fibre-optic lighting with water, trees and plants

The artist developed the design and planting with W. Gary Smith, Landscape Architect, and with Stubbins Associates

Photos: Julie Marquart