"Charlotte Area Transit System" 

In 2002, Alice Adams and Marek Ranis were selected to collaborate with system architects (Sasaki Associates) and engineers (Parsons) in writing the Art Master Plan for the new Lynx Blue Line, the first light-rail line in Charlotte. On the completion of this plan a new committee of local artists and area arts administrators, through an open call commissioned a group of artists to address the recommended sites. The results were considerably different from what was called out in the first master plan. However, Adams and Ranis were contracted to deal with the overall system elements, Adams with elements of paving and landscaping, Ranis with retaining walls and similar infrastructure along the right-of-way. Both were successful in integrating their concepts into the construction documents where they were subsequently built by the general contractor.


Lynx Blue Line  Charlotte, North Carolina  2002 – 2009

Photos: Joann Seiberg Baker

Typical light rail station with parking and bus connection


Concrete paving with stamp at bus bay

Diagonal scored 4' wide concrete paving on sidewalk partitions

Scored paving patterns at edges of parking lot sidewalks 

Paving stamp at sidewalk entrances


Precast concrete medallions at station platform cheek walls. At 47 locations the ghinko, oak, and hornbeam leaf reliefs call out the tree species along the station platform.


Butterfly circle at Scaleybark Station

Celtic Calendar Circle


Cast-in-place planters and seating walls


Woodland preserved for workers at South Tryon Bus Facility offices

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