"Beaded Circle Crossing"

Denver International Airport, Denver, CO 

BCC elev.sketch.jpg

“Beaded Circle Crossing,” is located in the central core of Concourse B (United Airlines) of the Denver International Airport. Its giant aluminum arches spring from below the central bridge and moving walkway to support a rectangular frame and two iridescent screens of spliced colored glass tubes each alternating with a bugle-bead shape to create an aura of colored light. The gathering of poles around a helix of yellow glass may be seen from below like the central hole at the top of the tipi. Inspired by native American lodges and tipis, by bridges like those of Eiffel and Calatrava and by the bead and quillwork of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

Denver International Airport, Denver, CO  1994

45' x 60' x 75'  aluminum, wood, 3/4" glass tubes filled with argon gas 


Architects: KJ Wahab and Don Strauch, Wong Strauch Architects 

Lighting Consultant: Lisa Nanni

Fabricators: Gordon Sign Company, Central Denver Ironworks

Commissioned by the City of Denver